Why AdeptSource?

AdeptSource is built on a foundation of commitment, honesty, reliability, responsiveness, contribution, quality and personality. We always deliver the right IT professional who possesses a team player mentality. This ensures each consultant on an IT project effectively works with your current team, maximizes your ROI, and ensures the success of your IT initiatives.

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with AdeptSource:

  1. Quality + Competitive Rates = Best Value – A perfect track record of delivering the right IT professional at the most competitive rate.
  2. Time Savings – A proprietary recruiting process and customized screening tools based on Best Hiring Practices and a Professional Skills Summary (PSS) provide an easy to read snap shot of candidate’s skills providing significant time savings.
  3. Pre-Qualified Every Time – Preliminary interviews conducted by our IT recruiting professionals streamline your hiring process.
  4. Technically Tested – Senior level Consultants with in-depth technical expertise are utilized for additional interviewing as necessary.
  5. Successful Pool Of Resources – Extensive private database with hundreds of thousands of pre-qualified adept IT professionals built through 15 + years of Referrals, Relationships and Recruitment.
  6. Your Success Is Our Priority – Exceptional Customer Service.
  7. Professional Updates – Diligent communication efforts to provide recruitment updates.
  8. Fastest Delivery Time – On demand response.
  9. Maximized Protection – Highest level of Insurance protection.
  10. No Over-Pricing – Very Competitive Rates.

Our IT Staffing and Consulting Solutions

IT Staffing and Professional Services are our core functions, which is why our people and our clients are so important. Our expert team enables clients to identify technology trends while advancing their competitive edge. The seasoned enterprise IT business and technical consultants at AdeptSource provide end-to-end services including working with initial systems level requirements, through software design, coding, testing, fielding and software / hardware maintenance.

We help clients plan the future and are ready to help implement the most effective solutions. AdeptSource has an unblemished track record working on successful implementations, upgrades, educational projects, and development. Discover why AdeptSource is the key to achieving your IT goals.


  • Gilead
  • Deloitte
  • Lockheed Martin