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A collaborative process of renewing vision, values, and culture. As a Professional Services firm, we offer technical consulting and strategic professional services. Every one of our Consultants reflects our brand. They are innovators with substantial management consulting, technology, functional, strategic and organizational change experience. Their expertise has been forged in the heat of the most rigorous professional challenges.


AdeptSource’s Professional Services team exists to offer specialized, knowledge-based services to our clients in several industries. We specifically provide Consultants in Management, IT, Finance, R&D, Life Sciences, Quality, Manufacturing, and e-Commerce, to name a few. Our Consultants have decades of specialized and intensive training in their specific fields and industries.


Our continually improving process focuses the management of our Consultants to solicit feedback, set goals, envision success, scope required changes, map an action strategy, promote buy-in and successfully execute delivery as laid out in a defined Statement of Work (SOW).


We believe in the integrated leadership and the motivational dynamics of professionals using strategies of practice segmentation, and we deliver the highest caliber of specific expertise required, while aligning the firm’s practices, people and resources, and always focusing on client service and results. This makes our client teams effective in delivering value and exceptional results.


We believe that culture change is rooted in changes in behavior.  To encourage the behaviors we desire, we utilize close communication and a rewards-and-recognition system which is reinforced at all levels.  We want each of our team members to know that their contributions count and to think of themselves as creative change agents who matter.  We strive to provide a clear understanding on why change is required, what success will look like once transformation occurs, how it can potentially benefit them and what is expected of them along the way.  Vague, ambiguous mandates for change result in vague, ambiguous results.  Our Professional Services team members learn to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.


We empower our team with a clear strategy by knowledge sharing and showing our support, and we believe an important part of the equation is the ability to ignite and then sustain innovation, translating ideas into action. Our team makes it a point to proactively think through and plan what to do.  Here are some examples:


  • For our professionals, we have an award / recognition program for our internal team; a partnering program with a university to improve recruitment statistics; a leadership role with industry trade associations; and specialized training in skill areas that improve value delivery to our clients.
  • For clients, periodic onsite briefings for the client’s internal teams on important topics; a special client-only web-cast or event; a holiday charitable donation on behalf of clients.
  • For communities, a pro bono activity; a local fund drive; participation on a civic board.


Performance against plans are tracked and reviewed regularly and results are rewarded.  We believe strategic planning is a continuous cycle, not a one-time event.  Our team leaders work to ensure buy-in, collaborate with stakeholders to develop plans and communicate constantly while regularly reviewing progress against set goals.


We strive to have a balance of responsibility and commitment, while keeping both hierarchical reporting and bureaucracy to a minimum, since we believe that the best decisions can be made as close to the client as possible.


Our team is clear on what is expected of them, and strives to improve their performance accordingly until the performance becomes predictable, which translates into our clients knowing what to expect, projecting successful results more effectively and greatly reducing stress.


Our existing teams are focused industry groups of clients within several industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, High-Tech, Retail, and Manufacturing, structured around a split between delivery and ongoing support.


AdeptSource’s Professional Services team partners with our clients to save time and achieve project milestones. Our experienced Project Managers will drive the delivery to meet tight timelines and budgets, while keeping clients updated by weekly project reviews and status reports. Our PM’s will direct the work of our consulting team to ensure we meet deliverables, on time and within budget, so that you can focus on other initiatives. We provide the highest quality of consultants to meet any project challenge at the best rates in the market.

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